Специальные символы

Под катом специальные символы, с их кодами для размещения в HTML страницах

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Краткий справочник по набору символов ISO-8859-1 (Latin1)

® ® ® Символ зарегистрированного товарного знака
§ § § Параграф
© © © Знак охраны авторского права (copyright)
° ° ° Знак градуса
™ Символ товарного знака
… Многоточие
• Жирная точка
– Среднее тире (в русской типографике не используется)
— Тире
− Минус
± ± ± Плюс-минус
Знак номера
& & & Амперсенд (с клавиатуры)
< &lt; < Меньше, чем (с клавиатуры)
> &gt; > Больше, чем (с клавиатуры)
- - Дефис (с клавиатуры)
­ &shy; «Мягкий перенос»
Normal space (word space) (с клавиатуры)
&nbsp; Non-breaking space
&lsquo; Left single quotation mark (Word: Ctrl + ` `)
&rsquo; Right single quotation mark (Word: Ctrl + ' ')
« &laquo; « Левая кавычка (левая ёлочка)
» &raquo; » Правая кавычка (правая ёлочка)
&rsquo; Апостроф
&bdquo; Открывающая лапка
&ldquo; Закрывающая лапка
&ldquo; Открывающая английская лапка
&rdquo; Закрывающая английская лапка
&prime; Штрих, минуты, футы (В IE6 отображаются прямо)
&Prime; Двойной штрих, секунды, дюймы (В IE6 отображаются прямо)
´ &acute; ´ Акут, ударение
` ` Гравис (с клавиатуры)
" &quot; " Кавычка (с клавиатуры)
' (&apos;) ' Апостроф (с клавиатуры) — в форме «&apos;» не распознается IE6. Это стандарт XHTML
Следующие символы присутствуют только в стандарте Unicode (нет HTML имен).
Non-breaking hyphen
Hyphen character. Should be used in place of the hyphen-minus when a hyphen is exactly the desired character
Hyphenation point
Hair space (between one-tenth to one-sixteenth of an em)
&thinsp; Thin space (supposed to be one-fifth of an em in width, but is almost always rendered much wider). Correctly-designed hair space is in Arial Unicode MS (only?)
&ensp; en space (Arial Unicode MS only?)
&emsp; em space (Arial Unicode MS only?)
Zero width space. World may be broken here (doesn't work in IE unless you're using Arial Unicode MS)
 Zero width no-break space. Keep a word from breaking at that point (works as designed in IE6/Win)
Набор ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1) [ISO 10646, ISO 8879]
&#00;-&#08; - - Unused
- space Horizontal Tab
- space Line feed
&#11;-&#31; - - Unused
- space Space
! - ! Exclamation mark
" &quot; " Quotation mark (ISO 10646)
# - # Number sign
$ - $ Dollar sign
% - % Percent sign
& &amp; & Ampersand (ISO 10646)
' (&apos;) ' Apostrophe
( - ( Left parenthesis
) - ) Right parenthesis
* - * Asterisk
+ - + Plus sign
, - , Comma
- - - Hyphen
. - . Period (full stop)
/ - / Solidus (slash)
0-9 - 0 - 9 Digits (0-9)
: - : Colon
; - ; Semi-colon
< &lt; < Less than (ISO 10646)
= - = Equals sign
> &gt; > Greater than (ISO 10646)
? - ? Question mark
@ - @ Commercial at
A-Z - A - Z Upper case A-Z
[ - [ Left square bracket
\ - \ Reverse solidus (backslash)
] - ] Right square bracket
^ - ^ Caret
_ - _ Horizontal bar
` - ` Acute accent
a-z - a - z Lower case a-z
{ - { Left curly brace
| - | Vertical bar
} - } Right curly brace
~ - ~ Tilde
-Ÿ - - Unused
&nbsp; Non-breaking space
¡ &iexcl; ¡ Inverted exclamation
¢ &cent; ¢ Cent sign
£ &pound; £ Pound sterling sign
¤ &curren; ¤ General currency sign
¥ &yen; ¥ Yen sign
¦ &brvbar; ¦ Broken vertical bar
§ &sect; § Section sign
¨ &uml; ¨ Umlaut (dierisis)
© &copy; © Copyright
ª &ordf; ª Feminine ordinal
« &laquo; « Left angle quote, guillemot left
¬ &not; ¬ Not sign (ISO 10646)
­ &shy; Soft hyphen
® &reg; ® Registered trademark
¯ &macr; ¯ Macron accent
° &deg; ° Degree sign
± &plusmn; ± Plus or minus
² &sup2; ² Superscript two
³ &sup3; ³ Superscript three
´ &acute; ´ Acute accent
µ &micro; µ Micro sign
&para; Paragraph sign
· &middot; · Middle dot
¸ &cedil; ¸ Cedilla
¹ &sup1; ¹ Superscript one
º &ordm; º Masculine ordinal
» &raquo; » Right angle quote, guillemot right
¼ &frac14; ¼ Fraction (one quarter)
½ &frac12; ½ Fraction (one half)
¾ &frac34; ¾ Fraction (three quarters)
¿ &iquest; ¿ Inverted question mark
À &Agrave; À Capital A, grave accent
Á &Aacute; Á Capital A, acute accent
 &Acirc;  Capital A, circumflex accent
à &Atilde; à Capital A, tilde
Ä &Auml; Ä Capital A, umlaut (dierisis)
Å &Aring; Å Capital A, ring
Æ &AElig; Æ Capital AE dipthong (ligature)
Ç &Ccedil; Ç Capital C, cedilla
È &Egrave; È Capital E, grave accent
É &Eacute; É Capita E, acute accent
Ê &Eirc; Ê Capital E, circumflex accent
Ë &Euml; Ë Capital E, umlaut (dierisis)
Ì &Igrave; Ì Capital I, grave accent
Í &Iacute; Í Capital I, acute accent
Î &Icirc; Î Capital I, circumflex accent
Ï &Iuml; Ï Capital I, umlaut (dierisis)
Ð &ETH; Ð Capital Eth, Icelandic
Ñ &Ntilde; Ñ Capital N, tilde
Ò &Ograve; Ò Capital O, grave accent
Ó &Oacute Ó Capital O, acute accent
Ô &Ocirc; Ô Capital O, circumflex accent
Õ &Otilde; Õ Capital O, tilde
Ö &Ouml; Ö Capital O, umlaut (dierisis)
× &times; × Multiply sign
Ø &Oslash; Ø Capital O, slash
Ù &Ugrave Ù Capital U, grave accent
Ú &Uacute; Ú Capital U, acute accent
Û &Ucirc; Û Capital U, circumflex accent
Ü &Uuml; Ü Capital U, umlaut (dierisis)
Ý &Yacute; Ý Capital Y, acute accent
Þ &THORN; Þ Capital Thorn, Icelandic
ß &szlig; ß Small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
à &agrave; à Small a, grave accent
á &aacute; á Small a, acute accent
â &acirc; â Small a, circumflex accent
ã &atilde; ã Small a, tilde
ä &auml ä Small a, umlaut (dierisis)
å &aring; å Small a, ring
æ &aelig; æ Small ae dipthong (ligature)
ç &ccedil; ç Small c, cedilla
è &egrave; è Small e, grave accent
é &eacute; é Small e, acute accent
ê &ecirc; ê Small e, circumflex accent
ë &euml; ë Small e, umlaut (dierisis)
ì &igrave; ì Small i, grave accent
í &iacute; í Small i, acute accent
î &icirc; î Small i, circumflex accent
ï &iuml; ï Small i, umlaut (dierisis)
ð &eth; ð Small eth, Icelandic
ñ &ntilde; ñ Small n, tilde
ò &ograve; ò Small o, grave accent
ó &oacute; ó Small o, acute accent
ô &ocirc; ô Small o, circumflex accent
õ &otilde; õ Small o, tilde
ö &ouml; ö Small o, umlaut (dierisis)
÷ &divide; ÷ Division sign
ø &oslash; ø Small o, slash
ù &ugrave; ù Small u, grave accent
ú &uacute; ú Small u, acute accent
û &ucirc; û Small u, circumflex accent
ü &uuml; ü Small u, umlaut (dierisis)
ý &yacute; ý Small y, acute accent
þ &thorn; þ Small thorn, Icelandic
ÿ &yuml; ÿ Small y, umlaut (dierisis)
Набор ISO-8879 (ISO 10646) HTML 4.0 и выше
Π&OElig; ΠLatin Capital OE (ligature)
œ &oelig; œ Latin Small OE (ligature)
Š &Scaron; Š Capital S with caron
š &scaron; š Small s with caron
Ÿ &Yuml; Ÿ Capital Y with dierisis
ˆ &circ; ˆ Circumflex accent
˜ &tilde; ˜ Small tilde
&ndash; En dash
&mdash; Em dash
&lsquo; Left single quotation mark (Word: Ctrl + ` `)
&rsquo; Right single quotation mark (Word: Ctrl + ' ')
&sbquo; Single low-9 quotation mark
&ldquo; Left double quotation mark
&rdquo; Right double quotation mark
&bdquo; Double low-9 quotation mark
&dagger; Dagger
&Dagger; Double Dagger
&permil; Per mille (thousand) sign
&lsaquo; Single left-pointing angle quotation mark
&rsaquo; Single right-pointing angle quotation mark
&euro;(после 4х версий) Euro sign
ƒ &fnof; ƒ florin (latin small f with hook)
Α &Alpha; Α Greek capital Alpha
Β &Beta; Β Greek capital Beta
Γ &Gamma; Γ Greek capital Gamma
Δ &Delta; Δ Greek capital Delta
Ε &Epsilon; Ε Greek capital Epsilon
Ζ &Zeta; Ζ Greek capital Zeta
Η &Eta; Η Greek capital Eta
Θ &Theta; Θ Greek capital Theta
Ι &Iota; Ι Greek capital Iota
Κ &Kappa; Κ Greek capital Kappa
Λ &Lambda; Λ Greek capital Lambda
Μ &Mu; Μ Greek capital Mu
Ν &Nu; Ν Greek capital Nu
Ξ &Xi; Ξ Greek capital Xi
Ο &Omicron; Ο Greek capital Omicron
Π &Pi; Π Greek capital Pi
Ρ &Rho; Ρ Greek capital Rho
Σ &Sigma; Σ Greek capital Sigma
Τ &Tau; Τ Greek capital Tau
Υ &Upsilon; Υ Greek capital Upsilon
Φ &Phi; Φ Greek capital Phi
Χ &Chi; Χ Greek capital Chi
Ψ &Psi; Ψ Greek capital Psi
Ω &Omega; Ω Greek capital Omega
α &alpha; α Greek small Alpha
β &beta; β Greek small Beta
γ &gamma; γ Greek small Gamma
δ &delta; δ Greek small Delta
ε &epsilon; ε Greek small Epsilon
ζ &zeta; ζ Greek small Zeta
η &eta; η Greek small Eta
θ &theta; θ Greek small Theta
ι &iota; ι Greek small Iota
κ &kappa; κ Greek small Kappa
λ &lambda; λ Greek small Lambda
μ &mu; μ Greek small Mu
ν &nu; ν Greek small Nu
ξ &xi; ξ Greek small Xi
ο &omicron; ο Greek small Omicron
π &pi; π Greek small Pi
ρ &rho; ρ Greek small Rho
ς &sigmaf; ς Greek small final Sigma
σ &sigma; σ Greek small Sigma
τ &tau; τ Greek small Tau
υ &upsilon; υ Greek small Upsilon
φ &phi; φ Greek small Phi
χ &chi; χ Greek small Chi
ψ &psi; ψ Greek small Psi
ω &omega; ω Greek small Omega
ϑ &thetasym; ϑ Greek theta symbol
ϒ &upsih; ϒ Greek Upsilon with hook
ϖ &piv; ϖ Greek Pi symbol
&ensp; En space
&emsp; Em space
&thinsp; Thin space
&zwnj; Zero width non-joiner
&zwj; Zero width joiner
&lrm; Left-to-right mark
&rlm; Right-to-left mark
&bull; Small black circle
&hellip; Horizontal Ellipsis
&prime; Prime = minutes = feet
&Prime; Double prime = seconds = inches
&oline; Overline = Spacing overscore
&frasl; Fraction Slash
&weierp; Script capital P = Weierstrass p
&image; Blackletter capital I (imaginary part)
&real; Blackletter capital R (real part)
&trade; Trademark symbol
&alefsym; Alef symbol = first transfinite
&larr; Leftwards arrow
&uarr; Upwards arrow
&rarr; Rightwards arrow
&darr; Downwards arrow
&harr; Left Right arrow
&crarr; Donwards arrow with corner leftwards
&lArr; Leftwards double arrow
&uArr; Upwards double arrow
&rArr; Rightwards double arrow
&dArr; Downwards double arrow
&hArr; Left Right double arrow
&forall; For All
&part; Partial Differential
&exist; There exists
&empty; Empty Set
&nabla; Nabla = Backward difference
&isn; Element Of...
&notin; Not an elementof
&ni; Contains as member
&prod; n-ary product = product sign
&sum; n-ary summation
&minus; Minus sign
&radic; Square root = radical sign
&prop; Proportional to
&infin; Infinity symbol
&ang; Angle
&and; Logical and = wedge
&or; Logical or = vee
&cap; Intersection
&cup; Union = cup
&int; Integral
&there4; Therefore
&sim; Tilde operator
&cong; Approximately equal to
&asymp; Almost equal to = Asymptotic
&ne; Not equal to
&equiv; Identical to
&le; Less than or euqal to
&ge; Greater than or equal to
&sub; Subset of
&sup; Superset of
&nsub; Not a subset of
&sube; Subset of or equal to
&supe; Superset of or equal to
&oplus; Circle plus
&otimes; Circled times
&perp; Othogonal = Perpendicular to
&sdot; Dot operator
&lceil; Left ceiling
&rceil; Right ceiling
&lfloor; Left floor
&rfloor; Right floor
&lang; Left pointing angle bracket
&rang; Right pointing angle bracket
&loz; Lozenge
&spades; Black Spade suit
&clubs; Black Clubs suit
&hearts; Black Hearts suit
&diams; Black Diamonds suit

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